UVB treatment

Posted Thu 22 Dec 2011 10.57 by GeorgiaD.13
Yes, i first suffered it when i was 9, it stayed until i was 10 and a half and came back a few days after i turned 11. I am now 13 and im ha

At the moment i am undergoing UVB treatment so far it has worked really well but recently i have been feeling a sort of burnt feeling in different bits of my body for example my back but it doesn't look burnt. I have told the nurses but it's still getting sore. can anyone suggest any creams etc. i would be grateful. :)

Posted Fri 6 Jan 2012 09.27 by RGKnott (edited Wed 8 May 2013 14.24 by L1ttle22)
I've had psoriasis since I was about 11. It started in a small patch on my neck, and now it's spread to pretty much every part of my body

Hey :) I'm pretty sure I can help, I was the first person in the UK to pass out during UVB Treatment, not a title I'm proud of but oh well haha.. Umm when I was undergoing the treatment I had the same problems. I'd advise using a cream called Epaderm, that worked miracles for the burning. Also try Oilatum for bath/shower. As well as that, if you drink milk a lot, with tea or cerial etc, stop drinking it, and switch to soya milk. Something about normal makes psoriasis worse and I think it enhances the chances of burning during UVB, at least that's what I found. I may just be going crazy :P If there's anything else, give me a shout; RGKnott@Hotmail.Co.Uk :) x

Posted Mon 13 Aug 2012 12.53 by faine.margaret.armstrong.loudmouth

im going under that i got told to use diprobase and non purfeumed moisturizer i dont know if it will work coz its my 1st time xx ask me on twitter if u want any more help @fainexloony or email me at loony-4@hotmail.co.uk and thats for any one

Posted Wed 8 May 2013 14.28 by psoscott
I have suffered with psoriasis since the age of 7 i am now 17, it has affected me in self consiecness aswell as pain, stress, annoyance and

Hello there, I went through 3 courses of UVB and PUVA treatment, 2 courses were just simpy using the sunbeds for the course period, the PUVA one is controlled with the Dr closely aswell as taking a medication that opens your skin to the light letting more uv rays through, this treatment is the one that caused me the most problems with pain/sores/itchyness/redness you get the drift? Anyhow, the best way to solve this is try keeping your body at a cooler temperature, I mainly felt it at night and I would have to get up at say 2,3,4 am in the night and be half asleep jumping in a cold temrature shower, this was a bit of a pain but it eased it of alot, stick to the diprobase cream thats a corker for cooling and relaxing the psoriasis too. I also found the more I thought about the pain/soreness the more it would occur so even though it is hard try and put it to the back of your mind.

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