Bullying and or harassment

Posted Thu 2 Apr 2015 20.28 by LukeCrosbyatSouthWoldsAcademy
Scalp and torso.

I'm getting bullied at school (7th year) because I have psoriasis on my torso and scalp. Kids keep saying I have chicken pox or dandruff. I overheard one of my "friends" Joe saying he was going to put anti-dandruff shampoo in an Easter Egg box and give it to me for Easter. I'm sick of getting bullied. Anyone else have kids calling them "dandruff" or "chicken pox"?

Posted Thu 2 Apr 2015 20.33 by LukeCrosbyatSouthWoldsAcademy
Scalp and torso.

I forgot to add they keep asking if it's contagious, I keep saying no. When people ask if it's contagious, it offends me and makes me feel unwanted. Anyone feel the same way?

Posted Thu 21 May 2015 20.22 by lady-dounat (edited Sun 20 Sep 2015 19.21 by soxiegirl)

hey yeah same here..im 18teen years old and I kinda have psoriasis spreaded all over my body and Im stuggeling a lot with the dandruff ..well because of that I get a lot of comments too like; 'oh I can see a snowsturm coming' or one day someone of my class said that it just looks disgusting and just touching me would be impossible and yeah these are just some examples but theres actually a lot more but what I actually try to do is ignoring it and just do my thing and maybe sometimes laughing at it because seriously is ridiculous ...people like that are just ridiculous they are just trying to hurt people to satisfy themselves so it isnt worth to let those people affect you..another thing..people who are bringing negativity in your life just keep them faaaaar away:)

Posted Thu 4 Jun 2015 22.42 by 50eathaters

Hey! I got a head steamer which clears up the psoriasis and even makes the redness disappear! It can help ensure that there is no dandruff! Ebay the head steamers, as they can cost around 70 pounds which in my opinion are worth it! Goodluck and I hope that helped!

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