feeling depressed due to my psorisis.

Posted Fri 23 Nov 2012 02.49 by xallison
my legs elbows and scalpbhave been covered in psorisis.

i was just wondering basically if anyone else has felt depressed about their psorisis?.im 22 years old and suffered it since i was about 5. it would only be on my elbows to start with but 3 years ago its got the worst it had ever been. my legs are covered. my elbows are bad and my scalp is really bad too. being 22 i do feel very self concious about mybskin. i cant wear certain clothes i want to. im constantly covered up. i had a relationship but that failed because i just didnt feel confident enough to be with him. its got to the stage where i just dont want to leave the house. im constantly down and in mood. just wondering if anyone is feeling the same as me?

Posted Wed 28 Nov 2012 14.49 by daisyriley12 (edited Sun 26 Jan 2014 21.26 by janeowen1@hotmail.com)
Scalp, Face, Body....generally everywhere with serious psoriasis. I'm currently having light treatment.

heyy i just wanted to say that I understand where you are coming from. I was badly depressed before I got psoriasis (about six months ago) although i kind of knew it might be coming since I have a bad family history of psoriasis. Im only twenty, and a bit like you I find it frustrating that I struggle to buy clothes that look nice and cover it up since I have guttate pso everywhere. I recently went a found lots of long sleeved but pretty tops - just because it doesnt show your skin doesnt mean it cant be nice - primark is good at the moment for covering it up. My scalp is awful but its better since i got shorter hair as it pulls less and so your scalp can be less flaky. Hope that helps in terms of clothes and stuff, but in terms of depression taking slow walks around in the fresh air is recommended to make you happier (sounds stupid but it really works!) and if it is appalling just go to the doctor for your depression and get it sorted with citalopram. Dont let the psoriasis ruin your life...I find it quite depressing a lot of the time but at the end of the day if I find a new boyfriend he should like me, and unfortunately my psoriasis is part of me too. If he doesn't sympathise and help you then he's not the right guy, and the same with your friends - they should support you. Hope that helps...good luck with everything though! :) x

Posted Fri 14 Dec 2012 21.18 by PeacefulParadise (edited Mon 22 Sep 2014 17.42 by sueneil)
Hi, I'm Ally. I'm 16 years old and I've suffered with psoriasis for 5 years and ever since I was in Year 6 at primary school. At first it s

Hey there, I'm 16 and I suffer from anxiety and depression partly because I've had psoriasis since I was at 9 years of age. When I was at school I was bullied, not just for having psoriasis but that's part of why I was. The worst thing I ever did was shut myself away from the world and it's now to the point where I hardly go out. There are some lovely long-sleeved tops, dresses and bottoms to help cover up psoriasis and I've seen some which look quite nice in different places. I understand how it makes you feel and the frustration you feel; particularly during Summertime I am reluctant to wearing certain dresses without a long-sleeved top and it does get to me because I feel as though I don't fit in and it does affect my confidence. Psoriasis shouldn't make you feel like shutting yourself away from the world and it shouldn't ruin your relationships with people and if people judge you in a negative manner just because of your psoriasis then they are not worth your friendship because you deserve better than them. You've got to be strong and not let it control you or your life. I know it's easier said than done and I can understand that it makes you feel like not wanting to leave your house and it is hard but YOU need to make that change and tell yourself that you are in control and psoriasis won't take over your life. If you want to go out somewhere then go out, don't let psoriasis make your decisions for you. Keep your chin up, I wish you all the best. Good luck! :)

Posted Wed 13 Feb 2013 01.27 by billie17
I'm17 and have had psoriasis all my life, in flare ups...it has gotten in the way of my social life and has left me feeling self conscious a

I'm 17 and had it since I was small, it has the same effect with me...I've had plans with people and have had to cancel because I'm too self conscious to leave the house...I have recently had a flare up and I'm worried with summer coming that I'll have to cover up, which can make it uncomfortable as it is. Sun beds work, they may not sound too appealing but they work...due to my age I can't just walk in to a shop and use one but as soon as I'm 18 that's what I'm doing, anything to stop me from feeling vile about it is good...and well if I end up with a tan it's just a bonus.... I will try anything to feel better :) I hope everyone doesn't feel too sad, I bet you're still beautiful! Good luck :)

Posted Thu 28 Feb 2013 16.49 by MissBrownEyes_x
I got diagnosed with psoriasis last June and have been affected badly as it covers my entire body. Currently on medication for it but this d

I feel depressed all the time, some days i dont want to be here but then others i dont think about it. I have had psoriasis since June 2012 and there is no history of my family having it. i got mine through depression and stress. but i have noticed the more depressed and stressed you are the worse it is. i have it all over my body and no boy will come near me as they think i am a disease and a scabby person. at the end of the day no one is perfect... but i do feel the same as you sometimes. x

Posted Sat 2 Mar 2013 15.52 by hannahbux123 (edited Sun 23 Jun 2013 15.18 by jane.mcswiggan@hotmail.com)
I am a sufferer of guttate and plague psoriasis

I have suffered from depression and anxiety since I got psoriasis two years ago, I am now 19. I think skin diseases are indescribable unless you suffer from one. Despite being confident I am constantly hurt by stares and comments from ignorant people. I have a twitter account at @PsoriasisAwaren and am trying to raise awareness about the skin disease.

Posted Sun 23 Jun 2013 15.16 by Bonnie_Holder
I have had Psoriasis since i was 4, I am now 17. I have never been able to keep my skin under control and i always let it get to me (it's ha

Hey!:) i know exactly how you are feeling, I've had Psoriasis since i was 4 and i am now 17. I've never told anyone about my skin condition (apart from my family) as i have always covered my arms and legs. Covering my body up always makes me feel depressed because i constantly feel like I'm hiding something and that i'm trying to be someone that I'm not! Having Psoriasis has lowered my confidence, i hate socializing because i get scared of what others with think of me, my family are always telling me that i should never worry about what other people think, we all know that is easier said than done! I have gone through most of my life thinking that i am alone and that i am the only one feeling this way, but i only recently notice that there are a lot more sufferers out there than i ever expected, and no one is ever alone! I am forever getting stressed about having psoriasis but stress always makes it worse, i find talking to people about it relieves the stress and is helping me become a more stress-free happier person! :) I am always here if anyone wants to talk. Email: bonnie.holder@ymail.com

Posted Wed 26 Jun 2013 18.00 by E-Kim
I had my trigger when I was only 9. It all started with a few red dots on my elbows. Then my scalp started to itch. It stayed with me throug

I know how it feels. I think we're on a very similar page. Mine started the same as yours, but got worse 3 years ago as well. But I never paid much attention to it, until recently things got serious with my boyfriend, I started to really think about my situation and where it is going. Now I understand that it may stay with me through my life, but I guess that's ok. The very reason you don't want to go out and meet people, is because you're afraid they might think less of you. You feel unwanted around people because of your disease, but trust me on this, it is delusional. Most people out there will want you for who you are inside, not for how you look. You broke up with your boyfriend, because you don't feel confident with him, which means there's nothing wrong with your relationship, it's just your self-esteem not working. But have you ever wondered why he took you in the first place? It's because there's something shiny about you that attract him enough to be with you, to be close to you. There's nothing wrong with you, if you let it be. For those who judge you because of what you're already suffering from, I say leave them alone. That only proves them indifferent, and superficial, and the fact that they may never learn what you learned from what you suffered, therefore they may never be as strong as you if you beat the disease, is something you should really be proud of. Personally, I have never encountered anyone who has showed so little sympathy to me, even better, most people don't even care, as long as I'm open about it. I'd go around, being confident and smiling, then tell people it's nothing they should worry about. Of course, desperate moment happens. But you make sure you live the life you want, and don't let those moments take over your happy time. There's always something good comes out of something tragic, you just have to have faith that someday, you'll find it. So go out and meet people! Your body may suffer, but don't let your soul whine with it! Life has so much more fun than what you're worrying, don't shut life out.

Posted Mon 9 Sep 2013 15.25 by Demi

Hello, iv had psoriasis since I was 6 really bad where I was taken out of school for 8 months and was home schooled I wouldn't go out and in the summer I would cover up, but as I got older I started not to worry as much and I'd wear a t shirt because the more you worry the worse you feel! Just let it be it's who you are everyone in this world has something wrong with them that that are embarrassed about ours happens to be psoriasis, I'm now 20 and iv been put onto medication and my psoriasis is clear there is something out there for everyone maybe it will be different to what I have but there is something it's taken 14 years for them to help me with mine so just be patient and you will get your miracle I was so depressed and even suicidle at times, but you will get there in the end! Keep smiling and be happy with who you are! X x

Posted Thu 2 Apr 2015 20.42 by LukeCrosbyatSouthWoldsAcademy
Scalp and torso.

I'm depressed from other kids at school bullying me. People walk away from me when I get close, pull disgusted looks at me, lean backwards, and just generally anything to get away from me. Then there's that one comment that f**king p***es me off, "Is it contagious?". I feel deeply offended when people ask me that. "Hi I don't care if you've got sorosis or whatever it is, I just want to make sure I can't get it because my skin is perfect!"

Posted Tue 9 Jun 2015 14.29 by JoshWingfield (edited Wed 5 Aug 2015 19.41 by kevinroberts1234)
Scalp, Forehead mainly. I have patches on my upper arms and a couple on my calfs and Back.

Hey, I'm Josh. I'm 19 and have had P since I was 15, I think. I had severe acne of the face and back so they put me on the strongest meds and it cleared up, only to find out that it had kick-started my P! Now I've got it near enough all over the scalp and forehead as well as patches on my arms, legs and back. Just want to say to all of you who are feeling down about it that you're all amazing people and you've got purpose and meaning to your life! Keep up the fight against your negative feelings and emotions because you're stronger than your condition. Don't let it define you, define yourself!

Posted Mon 17 Aug 2015 23.55 by 13shaywa
It covers my body from head to toe and makes me socially awkward.

Hi. Ive had psoriasis since i was 3 years old. It covers me from head to toe. In my scalp on my feet on my legs and joints. I also feel very self conscious since i am in my early teens. I sometimes feel reaaaallly depressed. Like i wish i could get a blade or something sharp and just shave it off because the bleeding would feel better than having these permanent scales on my skin, At the moment being around friends is fine because i kind of think it shows you who your true friends are if they still accept you. But boys ???? Eugg. I havent got a slim figure either i am quite chubby but the stress of both makes it hard to lose weight which just makes me look even more unattractive. Ive tried all the treatments but only time will tell if my body finally decides to stop being a dooshe. I understand where your coming from and that it hurts. Whether it hurts emotionally or physically the most important thing that psoriasis sufferers need is confidence. We are no different. I wear shorts in public all the time even if my skin is tanned and blotched with red. Let them stare. For them to judge us leaves us on top as the better person. So yeah i do get depressed sometimes but thats not going to stop me from being who i want to be and who i would be iif i wasnt a sufferer of psoriasis.

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