Posted Sun 11 Jan 2015 16.50 by Sdjones
Woke up couple of months ago covered in spots, doctors didn't know what it was and didnt know what else to suggest after steroid creams and

So after months of trying different lotions and potions for my psoriasis, my dermatoligist has prescribed me with exorex coal tar based lotion and cetraben just to moisturise with... I have also been referred to start uv light treatment but i received my letter today saying my appointment isnt for another 4 months, im new to this completely its got to the stage i hate myself when i look in the mirror... any advice or help would be appreciated :) also i am so so pale as since i was diagnosed with psoriasis i havent used any sort of fake tan as i am so scared it might make it worse, does anyone recommend any fake tans i can use which wouldent affect my p??

Posted Sun 18 Jan 2015 01.21 by jontyl96
Predominantly face and scalp and mildly on body.

Don't hate yourself, I've had Psoriasis for 4 years and have felt like that many times, you just need to realise that it doesn't affect who you are on the inside and the huge amount of positivity you can bring to the world if you keep moving forward. I would speak to your GP about Protopic ointment, that worked for me. I have used Cetraben for over a year now, it is a nice simple moisturiser that works. One bit of advice: put on the moisturiser just before you go to sleep and let it sink in overnight. Don't put it on first thing in the morning unless you feel you need to because it can leave your skin feeling shiny and can make you sweat easily during the day. For me, putting on lots of Cetraben at bedtime, to make me look like I was just hit with a cream cake, leaves me feeling nicely moisturised and not over-moisturised when I wake up. With regards to fake tans, I don't know about any commercial fake tanning products that are safe for people with Psoriasis. I would personally avoid those sorts of products because often people with Psoriasis have generally sensitive skin. Things like that could aggravate your Psoriasis or trigger a flare-up so best to stick to what the doctor says or specific treatments mentioned on reliable websites/other sources - you can look on the NHS website to start. Hope this helps!

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