would love to talk to someone who understands...

Posted Thu 14 Feb 2013 14.41 by billie17
I'm17 and have had psoriasis all my life, in flare ups...it has gotten in the way of my social life and has left me feeling self conscious a

I have had psoriasis most of my life and it has affected my confidence, I worry that when people see it that they will think its ugly.. I don't feel like there's anyone I know that's my age that would understand how it feels... would love to just have a friend who knows, without sounding too cringey haha

Posted Mon 18 Feb 2013 20.17 by yasreid (edited Tue 22 Apr 2014 21.41 by saintsfan)
I have had psoriasis for about 10 years now. My psoriasis is mainly on my elbows, back and behind ears, I get really self-concious about it

I completely understand how it makes you feel, I cant go swimming or do anything where I have to show some of my psoriasis. Finally when your confidence builds up to just wearing something like a short sleeved top and then people say things like "You've got a red scaly patch on your arm, what the hell is that?" and laugh. Its not really fair, so; I'm here if you ever need to talk x

Posted Thu 28 Feb 2013 16.43 by MissBrownEyes_x (edited Tue 26 Nov 2013 21.06 by Karen1948)
I got diagnosed with psoriasis last June and have been affected badly as it covers my entire body. Currently on medication for it but this d

I know how you feel. I wont leave the house most days as I am scared what people think. I have been judged for mine plenty of times and you just have to ignore them and carry on. They would be in the same boat if they had it. Its life. No one is perfect. Here if you need a chit chat x

Posted Sun 10 Mar 2013 13.56 by Megan11
My psoriasis has been pretty bad in the past and currently still is. I get it every where, It din't affect me emotionally but it was pretty

I know how it feels, when people don't know what you have and then they start t assume things. But really all you have to do is tell them that it's a condition that you can't help. I used to hate having to go swimming at school or wearing short sleeed shirts, It really knocked my confidence. Friends and family are all a big help for something like this. I here to talk if you need to .

Posted Mon 1 Apr 2013 20.52 by psogirl1202 (edited Tue 26 Nov 2013 21.08 by katyayani)
It affects everything, not only my body but my self esteem and my relationships with other people as I am insecure and miserable. I have gon

Heyy I know totally how you feel...im only twenty and I find it hard to let people know so I cover my skin almost all the time. Go get whatever treatment will fix it as that will make you feel eventually better...and I have found that making no secret of it is the easiest thing to do. I avoid ignorant people and when I joined a new group to meet people I made no attempt to hide the issues - like mentioning to my friends that I was being hospitalised rather than pretending I was fine. Ive met so many friends who just don't care...your skin doesnt define you as a person. I met a guy through the group (which was a musical theatre thing) and he understands and doesnt care. I have no idea why it hasnt put him off...but oh well. I think the majority of people just don't know anything about it. Im doing a blog to explain about pso......good luck with everything.

Posted Mon 8 Apr 2013 22.38 by Mazza1995 (edited Tue 16 Apr 2013 18.37 by Julie)
I've had it since the age of 5 and it's such a confidence let down at exam times!

Don't let it get to you! Embrace it as part of who you are, it's just a skin thing it doesn't define you! ;)

Posted Thu 27 Jun 2013 16.55 by pso-abi
Im so shy about talking about my psoriasis, i got it through stress, and depression. i feel awful i never want to show my skin and people ju

i understand! i hate to show my psoriasis:( its awful but just got to stay positive i guess!!!

Posted Sun 14 Jul 2013 10.43 by madeline
Plaque psoriasis

Yep I understand just got back from holiday with school where I threw a temper tantrum cuz I dident wanna go swimming

Posted Sat 20 Jul 2013 03.12 by KatySK (edited Wed 14 May 2014 13.55 by JAYBEEJOHN)
First started when I was 12, has been flared up for almost 12 years now.

It sucks, that's kinda the long and short of it. I have had psoriasis for almost 12 years now and it is pretty much always flared up. I have friends that are supportive but its not the same when they don't suffer from it. It can just take one person staring at you like you are a freak show to ruin your whole day, to make you feel so crappy that you wish you had covered it up or even just never left the house. I see you posted this a while ago. I hope you are feeling better about it now!

Posted Fri 21 Aug 2015 21.49 by Louise frostick
I have had. Psoriasis since i was child im currently. Undergoing treatment in the form of tablets ive had light treatment before it makes me

I know the feeling i cant go out on dates or meet new people. Wear nice clothes because i feel the need to cover it up i feel ashamed im currently. Undergoing. Treatment. Which is. Not doing any good

Posted Sat 7 Nov 2015 10.41 by smpnair
I have this more than 10 years.. I am a stage artist.. I feel very bad while people are looking at my psoriasis.. I am stopping many stage p

Hi dear.. I want to talk to you..

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