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3 Posted Mon 14 Nov 2011 19.37 by hotpotato (edited Fri 5 Apr 2013 16.07 by hotpotato)
Scalp arms legs back chest

Hi I use humankind organics shampoo for psoriasis and African Black Soap. My head used to bleed I scratched it that much and the scales were visible because I have dark hair, my confidence was low and I felt that everyone knew i had Psoriasis and that they were looking at me. I have used all sorts from off the shelf products to prescription medication. Nothing worked for me. My Mum buys organic Psoriasis/Eczema cream from eBay for her Eczema and she says it works for her so she sent for the shampoo for me. To tell you the truth I thought this organic holistic shampoo was a load of hocus pocus and although the cream worked for my Mum, her condition is nowhere near as bad as mine. But i was wrong. The first time I used it, the itching stopped. I washed my hair every day and on the third day my scalp Psoriasis was much improved. By the middle of the 2nd week you wouldn't think I ever had Psoriasis! Now I've started using my Mum's cream on my arms and it works! I wouldn't even try it before. Just in case the Psoriasis comes back i am continuing with the shampoo, I never want to go back to how things were. I'm more confident now and I can wear a dark top without worrying about white flaking skin on my shoulders, yuk! I also like using African Black Soap, it's kinder than any other soap I've tried.

Posted Mon 26 Dec 2011 23.41 by hjadee4
i suffer from psoriasis and have done for over 8 years

hey i have suffered from psoriasis for nearly 9 years now, when i was 7 my mum use to cover me head to toe 4 times a day in creams and ointments and what not, none ever use to work. now ive reached that age where everyone is on about body image, dressing in nice clothes getting there arms and legs out but i cant, until i went to the doctors and was prescribed Xamiol Gel and CoCois..... the cocois you have to put a thick layer on over night (it says thin layer ignor it ;) ) then was it off in the shower, once out the shower moisturise... do this for 2 nights running. Then move on to putting a thick layer of the Xamiol gel on all the patches (after the cocois they should just be red patches) do this for about a week the same way as the cocois and booooom you should only be able to see it faintly outline of where the psoriasis was.... keep moisturising too ive found oilatum the best :D this will NOT keep it at bay for long so i advise you to just keep applying the xamiol, i must admit its a intense routine but like you can understand well worth it... i must also reccoment uv light treatment, yes once again its 3 times a week blaaah blaaahh but honestly so worth it or sun beds is another option but costs :L anywayssss hope ive helped HJS

Posted Mon 1 Oct 2012 16.31 by steveeypips (edited Sun 7 Jul 2013 11.30 by cajunpop)
I have had Psoriasis for the last 6 years in a range of locations from scalp, face, arms legs and torso!

SUN! What Jonathan said about the sun is very true, in fact, I am currently going through some Narrow Band UVB treatment for my psoriasis... It's basically like going on a sun bed, but stood up and much more controlled (It's in the hospital)... I'm pleased to say it's working BUT it's long and you have to be committed.. I'm going to the hospital 3 times a week (It only takes a maximum of about 10-15 mins) AND I got a bit sunburnt at first because I'm pretty fair... but now they've changed my dose, so no burn and my psoriasis is fading! :)

Posted Mon 29 Apr 2013 19.34 by FayeDoherty

I have suffered from psoriasis all of my life and have been given so many different treatments. I'm currently on the tablets Cyclosporine at first they seemed to work now after 2 years I feel my body has become immune to it. I was wondering if anyone else has tried this medication and what effects it has had on you? and any other creams or medication you have tried. Thanks x

Posted Mon 23 Nov 2015 11.29 by David E. (edited Thu 5 May 2016 07.43 by
30 years skin and arthritis

I have had Psoriasis for over 30 years and wanted to tell fellow sufferers that of all the creams I have been prescribed in that time nothing can compare to the effectiveness of DOVOBET GEL made by LEO laboratories.

Posted Thu 5 May 2016 07.44 by isy9512
Psoriasis mainly on my arms, self-conscious especially in summer, embarrassed which prevents me from taking my hoodie or jumper off when I'm

I second dovobet gel. I've been using it a few months and my psoriasis has gone!

Posted Fri 21 Jun 2019 18.15 by MonyLisa

Salveation by Mama Nature has got rid of all the psoriasis across by back and on the back of my legs. I've always wondered why it has been limited to these areas. I used to use coal tar back in the day but it dried it up too much and was messy although it was good for the itching. Just glad to have found salveation and although I still have some red patches I would say this has been a huge hit.

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