What treatments are working for you?

Posted Sat 5 Nov 2011 4.17pm by ryanh
Scalp, inner Ears, outer ear and groin

I have had Psoriasis for 10 years now and get it badly in my scalp, forehead, behind ear, in my ears and in my groin/genital area. Took me a while to go to the doctor in the first place as I was told it was stress related? The scalp solution tamed it down but never left it clear. And the cream I cant use on my genital area and they wouldnt give me anything to apply to my groin. I was on Dovobert cream and scalp solution. I want to know what treatments other people are using for similar conditions so I can go back to Doctors with ideas however I think UVB treatment would be the next thing to go for? RH

10 Posted Sun 6 Nov 2011 3.49pm by H (edited Thu 5 Jun 2014 6.14pm by H)
I've been dealing with psoriasis for as long as i can remember i'm now 18 years old and have been through alot dealing with it. i have it se

i use dovobet ointment it really helps to lift the scale and after the scale has gone keep using it for as long as u need to and i found it helps the poatches on my body and scalp to disappear i was also told it was stress related.... the only time my psoriasis seems good is when i'm on holiday i recently went to egypt on holiday and my psoriasis was amazing there was nothing there.... and then when i got home it all came back and i havent been able to shift it since but i just keep using dovobet ointment on them x

8 Posted Tue 8 Nov 2011 9.35pm by Georgia29 (edited Thu 5 Jun 2014 6.15pm by Georgia29)
I have had Psoriasis for 12 years now. I am 18. For the first 5-6 years it affected my life terribly, I was covered from head to toe with it

I have had psoriasis for the past 12 years & the only thing for me that helps clear it up is the sun. I have been exposed to natural sun light and light treatment, both of these clear it up completely. I also find dovenex is a good lotion & cocois for the scalp.

5 Posted Wed 9 Nov 2011 8.12pm by ryanh (edited Wed 23 Nov 2011 4.24pm by ryanh)
Scalp, inner Ears, outer ear and groin

thanks for your reply. Yes Holidays are the only thing that cures mine. I went to Egypt and I was scale free for about 8 weeks after. Same with Zante and Corfu etc. I think the swimming may help too but mostly the sun. Although I cant get sun onto my groin area, I think the vitamin/chemicals that sun helps produce goes round your blood system and treats all areas rather than just direct sun. Maybe there is a treatment that works on this principal?? I am so fed up of Dovobert though :( aapplying it twice a day on my forehead and behind my ear. But I cant use it in my scalp or in my ears on on my groin. The light treatment looks very intensive though. I dont think I could get to the hospital 3 times a week :(

Posted Thu 22 Dec 2011 10.05am by GeorgiaD.13
Yes, i first suffered it when i was 9, it stayed until i was 10 and a half and came back a few days after i turned 11. I am now 13 and im ha

Hi, I would really suggest UVB. I am currently a patient at Lewisham Hospital Dermatology Department and i am having UVB 3 times a week. It has really cleared up my face and body. I was also told it was too do with stress but i have tried relaxing but that doesn't help either? I will also suggest Dovonex it has really helped me out. Good Luck :)

Posted Mon 19 Mar 2012 3.13am by hpford (edited Thu 27 Jun 2013 5.03pm by lou lou)

I've been on methotrexate for a few years now. It is safe if you are under proper dosage and regular bloodchecks. Its usually 7.5 mg to 12.5 mg /week depending on your condition. Ive an appointment with my doc end of this month, and im gonna try and ask for humira I had tried aceretin before and it went bad for me, i hear it works well for some people. When you use topical steroidal/cream my suggestion would be to not over use it. It can cause thinning of your skins on prolonged usage. Just use on the affected areas. It is good instant relief if your psoriasis is not severe. Cheers H

Posted Mon 2 Apr 2012 12.08pm by lauralouise (edited Thu 5 Jun 2014 6.15pm by rfairbairn)

Hey im laura im 18, i have had every cream every steroid and every tablet from the doctors, and nothings worked! ive been a psoriasis sufferer for the last 2 years and finally i have been sent to have uvb tretament as all of my bodys covered and my face! i started my treatment on fri 23rd of march, i go three time a week and honestly no word of a lie but body has pretty much cleared already, i still have a few patches on my elbows but honestly this has helped me, its worth doing it, it honestly is, its quite slow at first but then all of a sudden it clears, hope this helps cause its helped me, here if you ever need to talk laura x

Posted Fri 27 Apr 2012 2.43pm by HelenMc

Also got it on the scalp been using cocois but it's gone out of stock everywhere. I noticed on this site it says they dont know when its going to be back either so will have to find some thing else i guess.

Posted Mon 30 Jul 2012 10.25pm by Alice
I have active scalp, facial, torso and genital psoriasis. The very first time I got psoriasis, I was about 5 years old. This didn't last for

Hi, I also have psoriasis in my scalp, behind my ears, and in my groin/ gential area and I also have it on my torso. For my scalp I use Tar Pomade which really works for me and isn't greasy or really strong but it really works for me. Behind my ears and in my groin/ genital area I use Trimovate Cream which again works really well for me. On my torso I use Dovonex/ Dovobet Ointment. On my face and in front of my ears I used to use Protopic Ointment but since I turned 18 my doctor has prescribed me Hydrocortisone 1% m/m Ointment which so far is going good :) But I have to agree with everyone else in that the sun does wonders for my skin. I recently got back off holiday in Spain and it did my skin the world of good. I've also had light treatment twice an both times has pretty much got rid of my psoriasis. Alice :)

Posted Mon 5 Nov 2012 11.42am by littlesoph (edited Thu 5 Jun 2014 6.16pm by lorraine.nicholls)
Skin Psoriasis Severe Scalp Psoriasis possible Psoriasitic Arthritis :(

i honestly think ive used every single lotion and potion out there and not a single one works!!!! only thing that ever worked was the sun and my UVB treatment, but my nearest UVB hospital is 45 minute drive away and to have to go 3 times a week and go to college and work is pretty impossible!! feel like my psoriasis will just continue to get worse until you cant even tell im a person anymore!! one of my friends parents bought her a uvb sunbed to have at home and use whenever she wanted,, only way forward that i can see for me!

Posted Fri 9 Nov 2012 0.03am by El
i have been affected by psoriasis for a lond time, at least it feels like a long time. I had it from when I was 6 or 7, but then it was only

Hi I am El, I'm 15 and I have had psoriasis since i was 6 ish. for me the creams just did NOT work and i tried everything that they gave to me for around 4 years before doing the light treatment. Creams just don't work for some people maybe you're one of them. The light treatment worked really well the first time and it went into a kind of remmisson for a year and a half before coming back worse than ever, but i still think that you should try it, it does work for some. A thing to mention is that it doesn't really get through to your scalp. i have thick hair and the light just couldn't get through. The light treatment can also make your skin quite sore, so moisturise. If light t doesn't work then there are other treatments, drugs being the main one, I am on methotrexate and it is sort of working. But the main thing is that if the creams you have arn't working tell your doctor and see what else you can do. discuss light treatment with s/he, think about how you could go to the hospitil at least 2 times a week. hope this has been helpful, if not sorry :)

Posted Wed 28 Nov 2012 2.59pm by daisyriley12
Scalp, Face, Body....generally everywhere with serious psoriasis. I'm currently having light treatment.

Heyy i have just started the lights treatment, going three times a week. I've never felt so silly in my life wearing the welders helmet but hopefully it will work. I use eumovate on my face, dovobet and coconut oil and salcyclic acid for my hair as well as stuff for the plaque on my arms and legs. tbh weirdly i would recommend most of that though. Diprobase moisturiser is amazing, and ive just started using the nivea hydration range on my face even though |I have everything else. The express hydration primer and tinted day cream work better than the eumovate at improving my skin, and at hiding the redness instead of foundation which i find really dries my skin out, even if it is liquid. Honestly try it - i love it (and i promise i dont work for nivea haha) x

Posted Sun 6 Jan 2013 10.04pm by katee1303 (edited Sat 12 Jan 2013 10.24pm by IDG1973)
I have it

Wouldn't be to hasty to get in to UVB as I have had it 3 times and I'm only 12 it only worked once and it caused a lot off stress even tho I have shocking psoriasis I don't get terribly itchy and the pain from the sun burn is worse Hope what ever you decide goes well Kate xx

Posted Fri 1 Feb 2013 9.44pm by renny0712
I first got psoriasis aged 12, I'm now 16. Its deffinately hard work being a teenager with psoriasis but life goes on:)

I have just finished a winter of visiting the hospital twice a week for UVB treatment. It took a while to start working-at first it seemed to make everything more red. I have it pretty much everywhere, including my scalp. But now it has almost all gone and instead I have a lovely winter tan! It is deffinately worth trying UVB if other ointments really are't having much affect- however, it is so time consuming traveling to the hospital twice (I know some people go 3times) a week, I am in the middle of my Gcse's and it has been hard work juggling both.

Posted Wed 9 Oct 2013 4.34pm by Nici
I am psoriasis over 10 percent approx which is progressively getting worse

Hi I suffer with guttate psoriasis, but I too get psoriasis on my scalp, behind and in my ears and in my genital areas. I have recently started a diet that required me cutting out out most starch, or basically potatoes, bread and rice (carbs) I have found its really relaxed my psoriasis, and although it is still there, I no longer have flare ups, and I'm able to control when I want it to look good for an event, and when there's just those times that I just can't be bothered with it, I'm finding that it's not getting uncomfortable and itchy, where it used to .

Posted Sun 13 Oct 2013 5.30pm by Britneykent
Arms, legs, ears, elbows, knees, face, neck, feet, hands. I have it extremely bad in these places.

so far I have not yet found a treatment that works for my psoriasis iv tried ointments creams everything that the doctor has found iv tried nothing has works but its not the end I have a hospital appointment to see if they can find something to help me tbh everyone will get judged its just psoriasis it isn't contagious im proud of it its made me a stronger person there is only 1 down side to it is that its starting to hurt my joins does anyone know anything better then moisturiser that can help me or should I stick to moisturiser till my appointment?

Posted Thu 5 Jun 2014 6.14pm by Jack1989 (edited Sun 6 Jul 2014 10.08am by 1computer2)

Hi. I feel all your pain. I have had all sort of creams etc... The best cream I found to work was coal tar mixed with aqueous cream, but as you prob know this will only work for so long. I also did the UVB treatment last summer this required me to go for the treatment 3 days a week for 6-8 weeks. It is very time consuming if you have kids, work etc but then again that is only if you have to travell like I did. During the treatment I noticed a big change in my skin and as an end result I was over the moon. After 1month (or less) I noticed my skin starting to get bad again and believe it or not it got worse on my legs underarms and scalp. Today I went back to my doctor in the hospital and he suggested other options such as the tablet (do not know name) and an injection (also did not get name). These treatments seem to be the best out of them all. If you do decide to get these done you will need regular blood tests etc. I have to get a second dose of the UVB treatment as I am leaving the country and cannot get blood tests done but I will keep everyone posted on the second UVB and maybe this time around it might work fingers crossed. For the groin/genital area get protopic cream this cream is usually used for tender areas. But back to the scalp it is never really gone and if ANYBODY has a good cream,shampoo ANYTHING please let me know. Hope this information was helpful. Jackie

Posted Sat 28 Jun 2014 6.50am by SoreSyan
My whole life is affected by psoriasis . I just want to talk and it will hopefully get better:)

I have had every single treatment available now exempt the tablets and nothing works for me, I have had it severely since I was born so I have had it for 12 years Btw has anyone else been feeling suicidal because of psoriasis?

Posted Sun 6 Jul 2014 10.07am by amina_b94

I've had psoriasis for 8 years now and I've tried loads of different doctor prescribed creams and ointments- none of which worked long term and actually, you end up developing tolerance to them. In fact, every time they stopped working, it always seemed that my psoriasis got worse! Initially I started with just one patch and it seems the more of these chemical based 'solutions' I've used, the more lesions I've gotten until the point that it was all over my legs, scalp and arm! I've realised now that all these ointments and chemicals are just a 'quick fix' cosmetic thing that hides your symptoms temporarily but actually makes the disease worse once you develop tolerance! I've moved on now to the more herbal remedies, which are actually gentler on your skin as a start, and never have the side effect of making your psoriasis worse! They either work for you, or they don't and you don't have to deal with the spread of a post-chemicals flare up. Of those natural remedies, the absolute BEST one that I've used is Zeavive! It was quite pricey compared to most creams, but I'd tried almost everything and since a friend recommended it to me, I thought it would be worth a shot. And I kid you not, the very first night I used it, all my lesions went down considerably. You're only meant to use a tiny amount every time, because the cream itself is so thick, so it lasts for ages too... I've been using it for just over 2 months now and it still looks like I have the same amount as the first day! Honestly, my psoriasis has gone down by 97% in that time, and now those very same red, flaky patches that made me feel so self concious look like the barely noticeable dry skin of a normal person. I really cannot recommend this enough, its been the one thing that's worked effectively for me and if even ONE person benefits from this, I'll be glad to have shared a working solution. Also, try epsom salt foot baths while using the cream too. I did that for the first couple of weeks (until I went abroad for the summer) and I felt like it sped up the process.. and was relaxing as a bonus! Hope this helps anyone looking :) Amina

Posted Sat 16 Aug 2014 3.46pm by SorrelM
I am 17 and have had patches of psoriasis all over my body since I was young. When I was younger it didn't bother me as much. however more

I use Dovenet and Dovabet cream at the moment but I'd only suggest you use it as a short term treatment as it has steroids in and is very annoying to apply as you have to use cotton buds -.- Sunlight and salt also help so going on holiday is good. As well as this I'm getting UVB light treatment soon and hope that helps!

Posted Mon 29 Jun 2015 3.38pm by AnnaPhoebe28
Plaque psoriasis - legs and arms covered in lots of spots, face very dry and flaky, and starting to get it worse on my scalp - had a few iss

I'm Anna and I am 15. I have had psoriasis for 2 years now, and so far not had much success. I was referred to the dermatologist to get a more serious treatment, and am currently taking ciclosporin tablets, However they have not worked as well as the consultant hoped they would, and so I am going to hopefully be moved onto the methotrexate. In terms of topical treatments, the best ones that worked for me were pro topic for my face, and dobovet cream for the rest of my body. I hope his helps if you have run out of ideas :)

Posted Tue 30 Jun 2015 1.48pm by isy9512
Psoriasis mainly on my arms, self-conscious especially in summer, embarrassed which prevents me from taking my hoodie or jumper off when I'm

Hi there, just wanted to let everyone know what's working for me. I was prescribed dovobet gel by my GP 3 weeks ago. My psoriasis is not a lot better. The awful bumpy texture has now gone and my psoriasis is now the same texture as my normal skin. The bright red colour has also gone down and is now a pale pink colour. Some of the smaller patches has disappeared completely. Now we're getting into summer I was worried about my skin being out and visible as I've never been out in public without a cardigan on! So I went to a skin camouflage clinic and the practitioner tried different colours and creams etc. I then went to my GP and got the make up prescribed. It's quite simple, you just use a small amount of the make up cream and either use a sponge or make up brush to apply to the psoriasis. Then after that you put the setting powder on the top. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that my psoriasis completely disappears! I went out for the first time without a cardigan on a few days ago and it felt amazing! I can definitely recommend the camouflage service to anyone whose psoriasis is particularly bad or noticeable or if it affects their confidence. The website is called Changing Faces. If you go on the website you'll be able to find the skin camouflage service on there, you can complete a self referral form and they'll contact you when an appointment becomes available. I cannot recommend it enough, and I wish I'd found out about it sooner! If anyone wants to know more about my experience be with it then let me know! Isy x

Posted Sat 11 Jul 2015 7.25pm by EQ

Hello! I've had psoriasis since I was 13 and I am now 19. In the last few years my psoriasis has flared up so much I have it almost everywhere you can think of now: arms, armpits, eyebrows, nose, ears, head, neck, breasts, back, lady parts and all over my legs and feet. I always found that a lot of creams that doctors prescribed were not the greatest and began to get so disheartened by the way I looked Monday this week I spotted a cream in Boots called Dermalex, it is a non steroid based cream and is not gloopy in any form, soaks into skin lovely! I have been using this 3-4 times a day as well as Aveeno moisturiser and bathing in Dead Sea Salts from Boots. Within 5 days my Psoriasis has taken a major turn and although it is still there it is not sore or scabby in the slightest, unfortunately it is still itchy but there is not a lot to change that I'm afraid. I've started using Oilatum shampoo and bath stuff as well which has proven to help me slightly. I would definitely push the fact that moisturising everyday at least 4 times a day helps on top of a cream and really helps the soreness and splitting of skin. I've tried so hard with my doctors and have ended up in there for half an hour crying my eyes out but to be honest stress and upset doesn't help your psoriosis one little bit, the more you stress about having it the worse it gets. Please try my treatment regime and let me know if it helps, I'm so much happier in myself now and have even managed a pair of shorts in this lovely weather. Keep your chin up, moisturise and keep trying different treatments until you find the right one x

Posted Wed 2 Dec 2015 12.06pm by emilych
I have had psoriasis on my scalp for over 7 years now and only now am i seeing vast results with a regime of dovobet. I am also currently tr

I am currently on regime of putting Dovobet on my skin every night and finding that this has been the most effective course of treatment that i've had yet. I even saw results just after two days.

Posted Mon 25 Jan 2016 8.29pm by isy9512
Psoriasis mainly on my arms, self-conscious especially in summer, embarrassed which prevents me from taking my hoodie or jumper off when I'm

I'm exactly the same, I used dovobet when I get flair ups, and it see results in just 2 days. It's a brilliant treatment, I almost started giving up looking for treatments when my doctor suggested it.

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